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Induction Brazing is joining of similar or dissimilar metal (parent materials) by using heat and braze material (filler material) whose melting temperture is normally above 500 C and below the melting temperature of parent materials being joined.
Induction Brazing temperature can be controlled from 500 C to 1800 C for most of the brazing applications.

HengXin induction brazing machines are made to replace conventional brazing methods, with more reliable / repeatable brazing without flame and smoke.


  1. Controlled atmosphere brazing is possible
  2. Highly adaptable for automation
  3. Eco-friendly due to noiseless and flameless operation
  4. No statutory approvals required
  5. Lesser risk involved compared to conventional methods
  6. Uniform heating at desired area provides even flow of filler metal
  7. Lesser brazing cost comparing to conventional methods
  8. Application Specific
  9. Auto or manual mode operation
  10. Improved power factor
  11. Strong and ductile joints
  12. Suitable for dissimilar materials
  13. Tropicalised design
  14. Compact size


There are specific reasons to use induction heating for industrial brazing. These include selective heating, better joint quality, reduced oxidation and acid cleaning, faster heating cycles, more consistent results and suitability for large volume production.
  1. Copper parts for compressors.
  2. Copper components of transformers.
  3. Brass components.
  4. Submersible pump rotors.
  5. Ring cable lugs.
  6. Aluminium component joints.
  7. Soldering of brass components.
  8. Steel components joints.
  9. Brazing of storage water heater Elements.
  10. Diamond tipped cutting tools.
  11. Carbide tipping of cutting tools.
  12. Optical Frame Brazing.
  13. Fuel pipe Brazing.
  14. Vacuum brazing of critical components.
  15. Brazing stainless steel orthodontic parts.
  16. Brazing of stainless steel to Brass.
  17. Rocker Pins.
  18. Hydraulic Hose.

PDF: Induction Hard Brazing_26


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